Big-Active Flower Tea Artistic Green Tea - Zielona Herbata Kwiat Pomelo - 5 pcs.

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Artistic Green Flower Tea is a hand-formed globe with top quality green tea leaves and flower petals. After brewing the flower balls flourish, creating a unique composition flower. In China, only connoisseurs give it to unique visitors, showing them in this way their respect. 

Pour into a glass jug 0.8 liters of boiled water with temp. 70 ° C, throw a ball and infused tea for 7 min., Watching as open up leaves and petals. On the one sphere, you can brew up to four cups of tea. 

MELON 2 pcs: green tea, jasmine flower, marigold blossom, melon flavor. 
POMELO 3 pcs: green tea, amaranth flour, and the fragrance of pomelo. 

  • Packing: 5 balls in the package. 
  • Net content: 35 g (5 pcs. X 7 g)