Anatol Kawa Zbozowa Klasyczna - Classic Express Chicory Coffee 35 Sachets - (147 g)

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Great tasting classic chicory coffee with an intoxicating aroma. Contains no caffeine so it is good for adults as well as children. Made with only 100% natural ingredients.


  • Includes 35 Teabags
  • Country of origin / Made in Poland
  • Ingredients: Chicory, rye (50%) - roasted

    More About Anatol:

    Anatol was introduced to the Polish market in 1994 as an instant coffee brand. It is a coffee with an exceptionally rich, full of flavor and incredible aroma. It tastes good with added milk or cream and is a drink for adults as well as children. Both CLASSIC and MOCNA coffee do not contain caffeine.

    Now you can enjoy the intense flavor and the unmistakable aroma of chicory coffee whenever you want.